11/24/14 02:38AM
Angel Cake and Cheese Cake
Angel Cake and Cheese Cake are genderbends of Pound and Pumpkin Cake! Now talk about it!
11/24/14 10:43PM
Angel Cake;s mane would be extremely messy and untamable. The curl in the front exactly. She would also wear two pink bows in pigtails. Her cutie mark would be a pair of pink striped panties.

Cheese Cake's mane would be ruffly, but one section would flop over his right eye. His cutie mark would be a can of noodles.
11/27/14 02:02AM
Cheese Cake would always be chewing on a blue ribbon. the same one that Pumpkin Cake has(normally would be found in the mane). No matter where they try to hide the ribbon, they will always find it.

Angel Cake's fur always tends to be messy. She doesn't like orange ribbons. As she grows older, she's a tomboy.
11/27/14 02:13AM
Angel would wear a leather jacket with chocolate colored lace, overtop of cream-colored shirt(showing her bellybutton) with a pink frosted cupcake on the front. Darkly colored blue jeans. A pair of tan sandals, four overlapping straps of tan and pink holding them on, the pink straps, the pink straps studded with silver spikes. And bright shades of pink lipstick.
11/30/14 01:43AM
12/22/14 09:27PM

I've got the same outfit as her!

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